On the threshold of International day of “Ending the culture of impunity from prosecution of crimes against journalists”  Nai emphasized on the regulation to be approved and signed by the president in coordination with media entities and government.

Based on the recorded statistics at Nai’s Media Watch 18 journalists and media workers have been assassinated since January 2018 and yet none of the cases has been taken to judicial procedures, only 1 case of assassination amongst 100 cases has been followed up in the last 18 years.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Afghanistan’s Government on the basis of international and national commitments announce through a rational program that seeks to follow up and prosecute perpetrators of journalists and media workers’ assassination so that it may assure other journalists and media community to reach in a positive state of mind to work calmly.


Nai also asks media entities let the regulation on prohibition of violence against journalists be approved and signed by president in coordination with government.