According to an assessment we found out some of facebook users complain about speed slowed down recently.

The finding shows that 88% of the interviewed people are not satisfied with their internet speed while using facebook, however it works better in using other sites. The majority of interviewed people believe that in fact it is a systematic and pre-planned limitations put by the government authorities. In these interviews 7 % have said that there is no change in its speed but using as it was it the past. Also, 5% believe that it has gone down getting worse than before. Nai, ask from the ministry of culture and in particular from administrative office of the government to issue officially their response pertaining this issue.  According to Nai, any limitations on media whether radio, TV or social pages etc clearly opposing with the 34 and 50 articles of the constitution. It is worth mentioning that 29% of interviewed people were females and 71% of whom were male.