Fardin Amini, Ariana News TV presenter was severely wounded in the neck and died at the hospital on 11th December 2020 in Mir Ghulam Residential area in PD 17, Kabul. Nai considers it a mysterious and complex incident, and calls on the relevant entities for further investigation of this issue.

The video clip sent to journalists by security entities reveals that Mr. Amini was severely wounded up in the neck, short of breath, and was unable to speak.

The Security Council, the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kabul Police Chief issued a statement to the media claiming that Mr. Amini had committed suicide and then he died in the hospital. It also included: “At around 10 am today, Fardin son of Abdul Latif, originally from Parwan province, and the current resident of Qasaba Araban Blocks. According to people living there, he was talking on phone and came out of his car, ran towards the mountain, and cut his neck with a sharp stone which is evident. The guards of the residential blocks tried to prevent him but he already cut his neck.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan through a press release considers the incident very mysterious and complicated. According to medical professionals, no one can injure himself with a sharp stone and end to death.

Nai Managing Director says: “We call on the government in specific the MOI and other relevant entities to thoroughly follow up this issue and do not express their views before the investigation and follow up of this case. We think such statements can take the investigation process to different directions.”

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan and media community in the country is extremely concerned about the current security situation. In the last few days, journalists have been mysteriously and complicatedly assassinated, and the results of none of these cases have been clarified and shared with the Afghan people. The Afghan government, importantly the security entities and the Ministry of Interior Affairs are responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens. If they do not take serious measures to ensure the safety of journalists, then the government responsible for all incidents that occur in the future.