The reports say the Turkish government has arrested three media activists that this action clearly places in contradiction with international rules and conventions. Among three who are arrested, Mr Erol Önderoğlu , a great member of journalist without border, incredibly has attracted the attentions of international communities and created pitiful concerns among media freedom advocators. The arrestment of correspondents occurs in such a condition, when Turkey is a semi border with two blazing countries in war like Syria and Iraq, where daily witness too many hot incidents like mass immigration, killing of civilians etc. Therefore, accessing to information for all, regarding all these incidents necessitates full support of media, not suffocating the voices of media and correspondents which in aftermath lead into ignoring the rights of everyone in the world as of global citizen, not only the civilians of Turkey by itself. Last month, the organizations of human rights had severe criticism against a similar case over arresting an editor of a catchy newspaper called “Repubilc” in Istanbul. Nai, supporting open media believes that freedom of speech and its continuation are two interwoven elements that should be kept together. So, principally we deem it as of our basic duty, not to be silent and apathetic against these kind violations no matter where and by whom they take place.