Recently a document under the name of Taliban’s Charter was leaked that thought to be Taliban’s manifest for establishment of the upcoming so called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The charter includes 149 articles. It revealed there was no difference in the Taliban’s’ view now and then.

The article 74th of the charter indicates that Taliban isn’t committed to international values such as freedom of expression, as its global precepts. It determines that there is no change in Taliban’s view related to freedom of expression, human and women’s rights.

The charter indicates that all the freedoms will be defined according to rules and principles of Islam Religion.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan along with expressing their concerns regarding the existence of such charter, stated through a press release; “If the charter is implemented, all the achievements in the last eighteen years and especially the freedom of expression would go for waste.” Nai has called on the United States and in specific Mr. Khalilzad, the Special Representative of United States in Peace Affairs of Afghanistan to ask Taliban to denounce the charter. In addition, Nai asks all parties in the peace negotiations with Taliban through the press release to preserve the required guarantee for maintaining the human rights values such as freedom of expression and media.  Nai also asks the Afghan Government to suspend the release of Taliban’s prisoners until the charter is revoked and devalued.