Getti sediqi


It is considered by many Afghan journalists that press freedom needs to be a key part of Taliban peace deal. In this way Afghan administration would be pledged to avoid losing nearly 20 years of achievements for the media. The main concern is about the future destiny of female journalists. Some of the journalists say that journalists are to change the way of their reporting. They should be more cautious when they are reporting war news. In this piece of information, I have collected some views from journalists who cover or follow peace talks.

Peace has been considering a dream for every Afghan; people of Afghanistan have been in a political controversy which has no ending. Although people are talking about peace but in diverse regions and provinces of this country the war is going on. This is considered that the war in Afghanistan has external dimensions, and peace with the groups that have a contract for the war in Afghanistan will lead Afghanistan to a global peace that leads to a ceasefire, and the Afghan people can be optimistic about the future of this war-torn country, It seems impossible; However, it is possible that if the countries of the region and the financial donors of the terrorist groups involved in the conflict in Afghanistan come to the table of the peace talks and reach an agreement, after the peace talks with the donors of terrorism are completed, an international bailment should be signed by them . If the Afghan people, who have been demanding peace for years and are killed at the same time, are optimistic, and the window of hope for peace that will lead to a permanent ceasefire and a destined Afghanistan will be expected.

Honestly, every reporter who reports  war and peace seems to be more keen to write facts about peace, even underlining the word peace   and looking at peace, writing more about peace, and imagining peace.

It seems good for media secretaries to instruct their war correspondents to write less about the war and to bring peace to the text from the margins of their reports, and to use the same method to give hope to the government and people.

Moreover, one of my colleagues think that it would be very tough to a  journalist that cover the news of the killings of her/his own colleagues. She said that while I am covering the news I just predict who will cover my death news. She added, nowadays not only the people of Afghanistan are the victims of peace process but in especially journalists are the main pressure point. In addition to it, female journalists are more likely to be victimized. Administration of Afghanistan should take care of this issue and be cautious about female freedoms. She emphasized that I as a journalist and woman do not believe in the peace without freedom.