Sharif Ameri

Afghanistan has been in war for more than 4 decades and being a journalist in a such country is tough.

TOLOnews as a largest news channel in Afghanistan has played its role for reporting from the different parts of the country.

Karim Amini who has been working for TOLOnews since 2014 as a war journalist is a prominent journalist in our new room. I asked him for having his ideas about conflict and war in Afghanistan and about his career and experience about how to cover conflict in Afghanistan.

Question: thanks for your time, may I have your opinion about your job as a war journalist?

Karim: thank you, I have been covering war and conflicts for more than 7 years in Afghanistan. I have traveled to every part of the country to cover war and conflicts.

In 2014 when I was in Kundoz and the city was under the control of Taliban I interviewed a teenager girl who lost her one of legs and was in hospital. When I asked him how you see your future? She teared up and had just one concern “I may not able to go back in school.” It was very hard for me to make her sure for having a bright future. I talked with her father Ahmad Jawed, he said: “my house has destroyed, tow of my sons has got injured.” Jawed couldn’t spoke anymore when I left the hospital in Kundoz he said, “I don’t have any money and food for tonight.” On that days all shops and bazars were closed due to heavy war, even the city residents couldn’t go out from there homes. As a journalist it was very hard for me to hear from a needy man who doesn’t have any thing to feed up his children. His house was destroyed, and his three children were got injured.

Question: could share some of your experiences in the battle fields?

Karim: I was in Baghlan province to cover war, Taliban were very close the center of the province and people were about to leave the Pol e khomri city, I talked with Abdullah one of the Afghan special force who was in the frontline, he told me that he wasn’t received his salary in past three months, he was the only son of his mother, his father was killed one year back in a clash with the Taliban.

He told me “last night my mother called me and asked where I am? I told her that I came to Mazar Sharif with my friends for sightseeing.” But he was in the frontline to rescue the city of Pol e Khomri from the Attacks of Taliban.  For me he was a real hero of Afghanistan, he didn’t receive his salary in past three months, but he was still fighting with Taliban to rescue his people.

Question: could you tell us about your hardest part of reporting in battlefields?

Karim: it was 2016 when Lashkarga City of Helmand under the Taliban attacks, I was there to cover the fighting between Taliban and Afghan security forces.

The Taliban attacks reached to the governor house; we were surrounded by the Taliban more than 5 hours. We could hear the voice and chanting of Taliban! I felt that this is the last moment of my live.

Taliban fired several times on us, two of Afghan soldier were killed and 10 of them were got injured.

I called to my brother and told him that I am not sure if I will be alive or not and asked him to look after my two children. But after five hours of heavy fighting the US air forces came and targeted Taliban.

It was a new life for me. Even right now I cannot think about those moments and this is the all Afghans live.