Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan has significantly condemned the threats of Taliban over the two Tv stations in Kabul city,once again they have declared that they are against humanity,and civilizations.

On 12th of Oct 2015 the Taliban Military council during a press release in Alhemar website have threatened two Tv stations Tolo News and Yak Tv stations reporting that armed insurgent Taliban had occupied Kunduz city, in the press release both Tv stations were called enemies of Taliban,and has been declared as military objects of Taliban,all the staffs of both Tv stations are not safe anymore.

Publishing of such press releases indicated that they don’t respect values for Human beings, Islam and International,they could come any time and damage the freedom of speech, killing of Afghan Journalists like Ajmal Naqishbandi, Abdul Samad Rohani, Sardar Ahmad, Zubair Hatami are the major samples of their crimes against human beings.

From the other side looting, plundering, and firing media stations in Kunduz could be other crimes committed by Taliban meaning they don’t respect human beings and trying to damage freedom of speech.

Official threatening of both Tv stations isn’t only for those two Tv stations but whenever they find the opportunity they will face the same destination as Kunduz media stations faced.

Government of Afghanistan based on its obligations according to Afghanistan constitution should ensure security and safety for media staffs across the country, specially for the two Tv stations whom were threated officially by Taliban necessary measurements should be adopted to support the two Tv stations.

Head of Media Watch at Nai Sediqullah Tauhidi said,” we have regular and direct contacts with security departments demanding the Afghan Government to adopt necessary measurements to support the Tv stations, all those staffs of Tv stations should be set them free out of concern.”

Nai office demands the security departments specially the Government to ensure security and safety for media workers, and prevent freedom of speech which is a big achievements of Afghanistan Government for the past 13 years.

We not only demand the the international community,advocacy institutions for freedom of speech but also Human rights commission to not let the big achievements of Afghanistan to be ruined.