The scornful expressions of president Ashraf Ghani, while making speech in front of a group of national army made the media family so afflicted, since no one could ever expected to hear these kind of sentences from a technocrat person.

“Put the media aside whatever they judge and do, since they just puff off from their within but bombs come out from you” Said Ashraf Ghani in his speech while praising the efforts of national army.

Nai, supporting open media ask the president to apologize from his expressions. It is mentionable that the media workers and journalists in many occasions have been similarly victimized side by side with national army against terrorism. Ignoring these devotions by the president and call them just a puff, really is a big pity. The president should understand that the media besides defending our national army have constantly reflected the accomplishments of the government and voices of people as well. Once again we want him to apology and know that mass media and freedom of speech are the only achievement of recent decade.