Since 2005 Nai has been delivering a select range of training courses for media professionals in Afghanistan. Our graduates work for a range of international and local television, radio and print media.

How we Training

  • Nai Media Institute

    Nai has recently established Nai Media Institute (NMI), which operates from Nai’s headquarters in Kabul. NMI offers a range of specialist short courses to upgrade your existing skills, or you can enrol in our newly introduced two year Diploma in Media Course.

    For further information about NMI’s courses and how to enroll, visit the NMI website or contact:
    Taiba Liace
    Training Director

    Mob:   0782919665

  • Short courses

    Nai also provides a range of short courses for those who want to become media professionals and those in the industry who want to sharpen their skills:

    1. Journalism Essentials – the basics for those new to the industry
    2. Investigative journalism – for those who want to produce in-depth reports
    3. Citizen of Journalism – for Civil societies and university students
    4. Multimedia – for Civil societies who works on Elections
    5. Principle of Election Reporting– for those who want to produce repots about elections
    6. News Presenting – for those who want to work and presents on Radio and TV
    7. Reporting – for those who want to produce reports for Radio, Print media and Visual media
    8. Video Camera – a short course for budding video journalists
    9. Radio package production – for those who want to improve radio production skills

    NMI has a number of courses in development including media law and ethics, media management and  media sales.

  • Our radio station in Kabul

    In Kabul, Nai operates a licensed radio station, Nai Radio. This offers an opportunity for
    trainees to build their skills as volunteers and contribute to the station’s 10 hours’ daily
    programming in news and current affairs, music, health and poe