“Zabiullah Tamana” and his colleague David Gilkey lost their lives across the way in Marjah, Helmand province, controversially by a road mine explosion while some other sources claim their killing in an ambush by deliberate attack of Taliban. Zabiullah Tamana was working with international news agencies and presently with “Chinghuwai”. David was an award-winning American working with National public radio of America.

The news of their death was shocking for journalists’ family and this incident shows once again that media and its workers are not secured in Afghanistan. Nai supporting open media deem it a big tragedy and feel deep sorrow respecting this horrible incident. Mujeeb Khelvatgar, managing director of Nai, ask the security enforcements to investigate about their terror and share the result aftermath with journalists. It is mentionable that all news agencies who their staff get killed or injured during performing their duties, based on Afghan media law, are obliged to pay their salaries for next ten months as pension. Meanwhile, we ask all national and international media not to use the title of interpreter for late Zabiullah since, he was a well- known journalist working as videographer.


From 2001 until now, more than 60 journalists have lost their lives who most of them got killed in terrorist attacks and some others directly targeted by Taliban.

The 2006 is called the bloodiest year for journalist in which 10 correspondents got killed from the beginning until now and some others from this profession injured.

Principally, the government is incharge of specifying and arresting the killers and all those who have hands in glove with terrorist groups.