The figures show that in current year, unprecedented incidents of misbehaviors and violations increased within four provinces.

Based on recorded numbers of incidents in Nai organization, 96 journalists in Kunduz province, 75 in Helmand, 108 in Farah and 13 individuals in Uruzgan received warning and menaces that as a result, many of them left their jobs and many others relocate their living homes to other residential places that in total come up to 292. The worst shocking issue is while we learn that 13 journalists are murdered, since the beginning of the year until now.

Likewise, in two months of recent, 377 cases of violations happened collectively that if we compare them with last years, that is equivalent with total number of cases took place within eight years in the past. In 15 last years, averagely 48 violations cases were recorded that once again prove increasing rate of violations in this year. Unfortunately, these incidents take place coincided with the international day of “ending exemption for criminals perpetrated violation against journalists”.

Therefore, “Nai” demand from all relevant offices of justice and investigatory sources like attorney general and ministry of interior to take action about violation files which are sent to them and declare the results of their findings. Also, Nai ask from the government to investigate a video clip send by Nai to them, about “Yaqub Sharafat” who was assassinated two weeks ago in Zabul province. The government should respond why the graph of violations get increase day by day. Meanwhile the government should consider about the suggestions of media in terms of appointing a special security force for all news agencies and media foundations.