Unknown armed men killed Palwasha Tokhi one of the ex- correspondents of the Radio Bayan at her house in Mazar city. She worked for 5 years as correspondents for Radio Bayan in Northern provinces of Afghanistan and she went to do her master degree two years ago in Thailand country unknown armed men entered her house and killed her with knife after she was taken to the Hospital she passed away. Her family members said,” we didn’t have any enemies to understand that she was killed by them.”

The Provincial Officials in Balkh have rejected that she was killed for her duty she had but claimed that there could have been some private or family disputes among their family members of relatives.” Balkh Governor spokes man Munir Ahmad said,”investigation began to know much about her case and the information will be shared with media as soon we achieve it.”
Miss Tokhi was killed in Balkh after Khalid the local correspondents for Lahza radio was killed by unknown gun men at his house two months ago. Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan have understood the killing of the correspondents an organized plot which were carried out by the Enemies of the freedom of speech in Afghanistan. And demanded the local authority to find the killers and punish them. Having no pursue on killing cases of the correspondents have caused that the numbers of the media family causality to be increased in Balkh province.

Nai executive chief Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” the Balkh Governmental officials are to responsible to find out more details on her case and share the information achieved with media and the people of Afghanistan.”