30 people were killed, more than 50 others were injured when a car bomb exploded in the west side city of Kabul (Saray-e- Ghazni road) early Monday morning.

As usual correspondents, reporters, photographers, arrived in the scene to achieve reliable information and provide it to its audiences, amid a number of correspondents were badly behaved by the police forces that were there on the scene,  the correspondents complained to Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan as below.

The 1 TV station reporter  Nargis Horkhash who wanted to provide report and film the scene by her camera cell phone, claimed that first of all police forces badly behaved towards me then they seized my phone for about half an hour.

Further she claimed that she was also in custody of police for while and was investigated and harsh words were told too.

Amid the 8 Sub daily news paper photographer Ghulam Reza Majeedi also complained that police forces have badly behaved towards him and even he was beaten.

One of the other reporters named Fawzia who was filming the tragedy scene was badly behaved by police forces and all her records were deleted by the police forces.

Director General of Nai Support Open Media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar during his speech, declared the police behaves towards the corresponds illegal and said, “ Badly behaving of the police forces at the scene against the correspondents is an illegal action, and officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs is responsible not to be incurious against the police behavior towards the correspondents, and should introduce those police forces to the court who committed violence against media staffs.”


Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan demands the National Unity Government leaders to avoid the police forces badly behavior- illegal action towards the correspondents and introduce the perpetrators to the justice and judicial departments.

Police forces should understand that they have duty to ensure peace, correspondents, reporters and photographers are also responsible to provide news, reports to their audiences,  police also have the responsibility to protect the media staffs and ensure their security not to create limits or carry out violence while they are trying to provide information.