During the terrorist attacks which was carried out on Thursday in Ghazni Province despite of the local residents injuries a number of the local correspondents were injured and some of the other journalists were beaten by the National security directorate staffs.
Based on the Nai information the National Tv station correspondent Rahim Aria with his colleague was injured.
The other correspondents Ahmadsha Ahmadi the camera man and Rahmatullah Alizada correspondent working for France Press were trying to film the scene was beaten by the NDS troops on the spot.
And the other correspondents were violated by the security forces on the scene.
Nai head executive Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar has said,” we demand the Governmental officials in Ghazni to arrest those security forces violated the correspondents and were involved in the case should be recognized and based on the existed law be punished.”
Nai Office believed that Security forces should understand this that as they are asked to provide security for the entire country correspondents have also the same responsibility to cover the incidents and events throughout the country.
The security forces have not only the rights to beat and violate the correspondents but also limit working areas for correspondents instead based on their responsibilities against the correspondents they should ensure security and safety for the life of correspondents and media family members.