According the 43th article of Mass media law the authority for reviewing cases of media violence has been given to the mass media committee in case of any complains to any Official departments including attorney office the cases will be reviewed by the Mass media committee not Afghanistan court sections.

At recent time one complain has been registered in Afghanistan supreme court where Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan declares reviewing of the case illegal by attorney office ,and demanded the case should be reviewed by the legal and belonging institutions ,therefore Nai supporting open media during official letters sent to Presidential place and Ministry of culture and information wanted that case to be reviewed by the Mass media committee ,fortunately the case has been sent to Mass media committee for further processing by the attorney office.

In a joint coordination the Afghanistan attorney office has tasked the below related offices not to review any media violence cases and that should be sent to the Mass media committee which a legal institution for investigating and pursuing the media cases in the country.

Nai Office has been demanding to empower the law within the society specially on the aspect of the media industry and in case of any media violence cases occurs it should be investigated by the legal institution based on the existed laws and regulations.

Article 43th indicates that in case of any media violence of complains it should be reviewed by the legal responsible institution and in terms of any criminal activities the case must be sent to the justice system.