Since March 21st, 2018 58 violence cases against journalists are recorded at Nai’s Media Watch that include 13 cases of assassination. This number determines that journalists’ assassination have been increased by 33% in comparison with the same duration last year.

Furthermore 9% humiliations of journalists, 36% beating up and threats against journalists have been increased up to 20%.

One of the victims of recent violent incidents in Kabul is Rishad Zarir, presenter of political show of Noor TV, who was attacked and got wounded on 11th, July 2018 by unknown gunmen in Dough Abad area District 7th of Kabul city.

Meanwhile Rehmatullah Nikzad, head of Ghazni Journalists’ Union has been violently deployed by security forces. Mr. Nekzad claims that his family has been hurt in this incident and his personal car was damaged, too. Nai is investigating the incident to find out what exactly happened to Mr. Nekzad.

On the other hand and despite getting close to election that is national process, if we have the same situation for media and freedom of expression then this national process will be affected, too by increment of violence against journalists.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan asks Afghan government to seriously follow up the journalists’ cases which had been beaten up, injured or even assassinated by unknown persons. Nai believes that government’s personnel should not be the reason behind violence against journalists.