Polling stations will be open for the voters to cast their votes for their favorite Presidential candidates today on 14,June,2014 across the country. Afghan security forces ensuring security for this historical day, Afghan Nation trying to attend this process as groups and willing to vote for their the future President in the second round of the presidential election. All supervisors and monitoring institutions and media have already shown their presence and monitoring the process and providing reports and stories.

Roads blockages have caused problems for the people to pass around and most of the people trying to pass the distances by walking, in the capital and provinces. Despite of concerns about Nation not to attend for the second round of the presidential Election still there are long lines of the voters seen in the capital and within the provinces, that also indicated the huge presence of the voters for the second round of the presidential Election.
Tight security measurement also encourage the Nation to go for voting , its intended that the President of Afghanistan to attend the process and vote for one of the presidential candidates Dr Abdullah Abdullah and Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. The official voting process was began by attending of the IEC head Dr, Nuristani.

Despite of the supervisors for the two presidential candidates, FEFA, TEFA, Afghanistan Election Watch and some other institutions are monitoring the process. Its said that in the current presidential Election tow Presidential candidates run for their luck to sit in the Presidential chair in the future Dr, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Dr, Abdullah Abdullah if one of the Presidential candidates obtains the 50+1 he will be the winner of the process. In the first round of the presidential Election which was held on the 5th,Apr,2014 none of the 8 Presidential candidates gained 50+1 votes to win the process, therefore the Presidential Election went to its second round according to the Independent Election Commission IEC law.