Local correspondent Farooq Faizi who worked for Voice of America VoA has been suffering from Cancer died at 12 Pm midnight on 23 of Aqrab 1396 in Herat province.

Late Faizi has 2 childeren with the ages of 2 and 6 months old and he was the only bread winner to his family.

The media advocacy and freedom of speech has assisted Mr. Faizi while he was suffering and even they had sent him to abroad with the cooperation of the National Unity Government for further medical treatment.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan deeply expresses concerns and sorrows for losing Mr. Faizi and pay tribute and condolence to his family members, friends and relatives and press society of Afghanistan.

Since he was working for VoA Nai demands all the US media managers to help and assist his family according to the policy and regulations of United States of America.

Further Nai demands the National Unity Government to order those institutions receiving taxes from the correspondents to establish an institution to work on  media staffs and correspondent’s health insurance for private media staffs and correspondents.

Having no health insurance has caused the correspondents and media staffs to experience economy challenges when they get ill, and even in some cases they lost their life.

There are some regulations and policies that are being executed for example law on establishing of  private mass media in Afghanistan that make the media to pay some amount of money as the honored money to cover the expenses of the his/her death.

The 5th article of the law on establishing of  private mass media in Afghanistan declares the rights and responsibility of the media and correspondents against each other which is as below “ If the individual dies during the duty, the following office is responsible to pay despite of the other rights and privileges should pay 10 months salaries of the individual that has lost the life as the honored money to the family.

In the last words Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan wishes him to be in the Heaven and demands patients for the family.