Marking day or occasion in reality means advocacy for the values of the days and occasions we believe in, this counts as struggle to remove barriers and limits beyond the laws, and called an attempt to strengthen it within the society.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan believes that social media and in general freedom of speech are valuable, it launches efforts to strengthen and grow it within the society therefore Nai prioritizes the pleading of the following values.

Therefore, Nai office concluded that the importance of the social media and its function in the past several years should be celebrated as the other traditional media and one week should Nationally- International nominated and recognized as the advocacy day for Social media, however the first week of month of Asad was picked as social media week in the country.

Nai office plans to hold the social media week in Afghanistan and launch advocacy to have the social media week recognized officially.

During the social media week starts from Sunday 8 of Asad below performances will be launched:

1 – One group of graduated from Nai who are the social media users will be divided into two groups, one will from ( Facebook, Twitter and … )will launch campaign by writing slogan “ We want adjustment of the cyber code of conduct .” and will share their post after each 5 or 10 minutes and second group will launch a survey outside the office to collect the estimation of the audiences about the cyber code of conduct and will question the social media users about the upcoming and probable limitations.

2 – All social media users are kindly asked to share comments expressing the problems from the social media they experience.

3 – Press conference will be held on 12 of Asad end of the week to share the conclusion and some other related issues on social media.

4 – Once again Nai would like to send out an official letter to Ministry of Culture and Information and UNESCO to nominate and recognize the social media week.