BBC local correspondent in Jalalabad, Nematullah Kariab has been arrested by security entities on 28 May 2016.The local authorities plus his colleagues have confirmed the report of arrestment, but still the main cause of this operation remained unclear due to avoiding the authorities from giving any reason. Nai, managing director Abdul Mujeeb Khelvatgar said in a statement: “Principally the authorities in Jalalabad should make it clear why they have grabbed a journalist and keep him under arrest”. Though, frequent contacts made by media watch of Nai organization, the authorities are not inclined to explain the reason.

“If the arrestment is due to some hidden reasons relating to his professional job as a journalist, so it is a big concern and he should be freed as soon as possible, but if there are some other justifications, we want them to explain it rather keeping their intention mysteriously in the dark” Said Khelvatgar expressing his concern about such kind of misbehavior of the government authorities with media activists and journalists. Nai, supporting open media, strictly condemn their illegal action and strongly believe that any misconduct with journalists will definitely enfeeble the freedom of speech and it will be very harmful for our achievements in recent years.